The communities with whom we routinely work all seem to share

two common enemies—time and money.


 Working with small to mid-level budgets, many say they do not have the staff required to effectively

plan and implement the many tasks heaped upon them by their Board and tourism community stakeholders.

In short, too many hats on too few heads.

Social Media Planning & Strategies

We will analyze and clearly define the objectives and audience for your social media campaigns. By monitoring social trends we will determine the social channels you should definitely use… and those that you may want to avoid.

We will help you create social media campaigns and assist in the set up of an editorial calendar and schedule for each social media channel.

Media Relations

With more than two decades of public relations experience, we understand the stories that will resonate and how to build relationships with the various media that will ultimately help you tell those stories. We will write, edit and schedule news to maximize media interest; engage our network of travel, business and consumer media to pitch and secure stories for our clients.

We can vet incoming media calls to make most efficient use of client’s time.

Advertising Strategies & Media Buying

A lot of unproductive time can be spent analyzing the various media options that are presented on a daily basis. Working with your team we will develop a solid social, print and digital marketing strategy that achieves the organization’s core objectives.

We can become the primary point-of-contact for all media representatives to collect basic rate and distribution information and manage your media buys or rate and present the options in terms of their effectiveness in reaching the correct, highest value audience.

Market Research

The first rule of marketing is to find out what people want and give it to them. So how do you find out what people want? Ask them. That's just what we've been doing; collecting information about our audience, who they are and what they like to do.

We can create and implement consumer surveys for you to determine your Net Promoter Score, rate customer loyalty, and assess the quality and value of the visitor experience to help inform advertising decisions.

Conference & Workshop Planning

Our team has solid experience with planning and managing tourism marketing conferences and workshops. We will start by brainstorming with your staff to develop a strategy based on your end goals (i.e. what you want them to do and know as a result of the conference) and work backwards from there.

We will work within your budget to create an agenda and format best suited to the conference objectives, work with facilities capable of hosting the event, and secure keynote speakers and other experts in the defined subject categories.

Industry Trend Analysis

From visiting with our destination marketing partners and attending regional or national travel and tourism conferences to subscribing to a host of industry newsletters and blogs, we make it our business to keep up with the latest travel trends. Our analysis of these trends—real or rumored—fleeting or sustained—help inform our decisions about new ways to engage visitors and tell your story.