Our agency is made up of individuals who have spent their entire careers studying trends, developing strategy, creating content and

engaging audiences for clients.

In addition to our core team, we regularly tap a vast network of experts

in the areas of outdoor recreation, back road travel, photography,

human and natural history, and family getaways.

Marcus Yearout
Visual Communications

Marcus has been creating innovations in visual communications for more than thirty years. A graduate of Western Washington University’s Visual Communications Education program, he went on to teach advertising courses for the university’s Journalism Department.

Marcus established Visitors Guide Publications in 1987 and became an award-winning publisher of travel guides for virtually every client he represented. In 2001, his company was awarded the contract to publish Experience Washington on behalf of Washington State Tourism and in 2012, he established a new niche, focusing solely on the state’s rural back roads and scenic byways. 


As publisher of Scenic Byways & Road Trips and companion products Scenic Byways Road Map and their website, he has continued to provide inspiration for travelers from around the world who are considering Washington State as a travel destination. 


Marcus is ready, willing and able to share his years of experience with you.

CONTACT: | 360.603.4981

Jennifer Coleman
Marketing & Social Media

Jennifer began her career in banking and finance, but since joining our team in 1997, she has been immersed in the travel and tourism industry. She has worn a variety of hats over the course of her tenure but her most enduring and remarkable skill is management of the team’s social media strategies, securing production assets by working with photographers, bloggers and other support contractors.


Jennifer is solely responsible for the growth of our social media presence; especially 365WashingtonState which now boasts over 115,000 highly engaged followers. Her success in using social media earned Jennifer an invitation to speak at a national e-Tourism Summit conference in San Francisco last year. She’s reached this height organically (without a single promoted post) through a combination of a solid editorial calendar, great content and dogged determination to launch a post every single day and “converse” with anyone who posts a question or comment.


Jennifer is poised to provide that kind of guidance and positive impact for your organization.

CONTACT: | 360.603.4990

Audrey Fraggalosch

Audrey is an accomplished writer with a Master’s Degree in Resource Geography. She has worked in the publishing industry as a managing editor and written many books on nature, including four children’s books (published in association with the Nature Conservancy) and was the primary writer for the Student’s Guide to Washington State.


For the past 21 years, Audrey has managed the print and on-line sales for Visitors Guide Publications and worked with clients in every sector of the tourism industry in Washington State from small touring companies to large corporate hotel accounts. She is simply one of the finest relationship sales people we’ve ever encountered. 


Audrey is precisely the quality of person you want to represent your organization.

CONTACT: | 360.739.6881

Ryan Wimberley
Contact Center Manager

A former punter for the Oklahoma State University Cowboys, Ryan moved to Bellingham to complete his Anthropology degree at WWU. While attending college, he joined the call center staff in 2006 and quickly rose through the ranks to become manager in charge of hiring, scheduling and training. Under his guidance and leadership, we have developed a reputation for courtesy, dependability and thorough knowledge of the products we represent.


Clients that we have served during Ryan's tenure include the Future of Flight Aviation Center/Boeing Tour—for whom we also process ticketing sales and schedule Group Tours; Washington State Tourism; Washington Tourism Alliance, Spokane's Chinese Lantern Festival and local hotel booking programs in Bellingham and Snohomish County. Combined, our current clients have accounted for more than 70,000 calls per year.


Ryan and his team are ready to serve your needs as an extension of your staff full time or for special projects.

CONTACT: | 360.603.4991

Jill Jacobs
Social Media &
Content Development

Jill is a social media strategist and content manager with over 6 years of experience managing international brands in the travel and tourism industry. Jill has vast experience in developing social media strategies, integrated marketing campaigns, content management, content curation, copywriting, experiential campaigns, event sponsorship, strategic partnerships and creative influencer management.


Jill is known for her creativity in marketing and communication, working within constrained budgets, connecting with people and connecting people, developing strategic partnerships and maintaining relationships, she is quick to see an opportunity or find a solution. She is a trusted advisor and loyal friend. It's these skills that make her so valuable to her clients in marketing, management and branding.


Jill will help you develop smart content strategies with measurable outcomes across all media channels.

CONTACT: | 360.603.4991